Amazon workers don’t show for work.

A train of thought…

What would happen if Amazon workers simply did not show for work. If in a concerted effort they prepared the move with help from family, community and sponsors. Who as a result would suffer? Who would win?

My readers repeatedly wonder what my writing is all about. It seems difficult to make sense of it. I am wondering why.

In this particular case the scenario seems obvious. Rather than sit and moan, complain, call names, and relish the status of being a victim, why not turn the table and act. Realise that companies rely on worker just as much as workers supposedly rely on pay.

But do they really? What do you need to live? Food. Yes obviously! And a couple of other things. If as suggested food for survival can be assured in team with family, community and sponsorship, worker no longer need to rely on a job. They can reorient, and — in Corona time of special value — can seek to busy themself on the land, under open skies, without mask.

Amazon is not the only supplier of books. Shutting down Amazon hence is not the end of civilisation. A return to book stores spread across the land is not a bad idea either. And book-on-demand printing facilities everywhere, to reduce shipping.

Which hints at the value of local economies.

So, as a result of an Amazon shut-down, who would suffer? Who would win? Dear readers who think my writing makes no sense. Why not think for yourself. Isn’t it obvious that no one suffers, but all benefit from a return to local economies, which respect and savour the land. A high technology world, which puts people first, not profit.

Age 71… ready to learn… and share…

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