Good Morning,

Remember our sons using dude in negative connotation, hence my reluctance to address you by your chosen name… would you mind letting me know your proper name..?

Thanks for setting me right on a number of issues… I first heard of DNA manipulation in a radio talk… all seemed so easy and logical… it deeply scared me… in 2017 the EU has banned DNA manipulations in food stuffs, turns out they have no means to detect it… :-)

Let me clarify… the virus Covid-19 and now its mutations seems dangerous because of human’s auto-immune body responses… rising auto-immunity’s primer seem to be toxins in soil, water and air, plus modern medications and DNA manipulations… looks like here a circle is closing…

The technical end of gene manipulation interests me… so I am looking forward to what you can say about it. Keeping in mind just how much (or little…) the word sky in fact tells about all that is above our heads…

Snow on the ground here today.

Regards, Christine

Age 71… ready to learn… and share…

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