Hi Giorgi,

“There are of course many things that still could have been shown which occurred from Noah to Abraham; but since Moses already has given it in detail and thus every one who is versed in the science of correspondence, can find every minor event, this already stretched work is completed!”

Quoted is Jakob Lorber, The Household of God, Volume 6, Chapter 365, Verse 19… here the link… https://jakob-lorber.cc/index.php?s=HG+3.365&l=en&b=

The original is given in German language. The translator of this text did what you have done… a literal translation… I found this book, which may provide a hint… https://www.abebooks.fr/Swedenborgs-Wissenschaft-Entsprechungen-Schl%C3%BCssel-Religions-Philosophie-%C3%A4gyptischen/15019637738/bd

Wissenschaften der Entsprechungen seems to be a spiritual discipline all of its own…needed to understand for instance also such texts as John’s Revelation… last book of the New Testament… Regards, Christine

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