… in pursuit of all facts/2

… in pursuit of all facts

How to make contact?

The material world in its amazing diversity is an expression of his ideas. His all-pervading power sustains it even as Satan continues to interfere. His plan for this creation stands. He knows all, cares all, causes all. The hairs on our heads are numbered, the number of atoms in our bodies too. And/but, He gave man free will, for without it, love is unthinkable. The result always brings, holds and offers surprises. How does man make contact with the Lord of Creation? By opening Him the door to his heart, by adhering to His order and by joining His will.

Once again, we should remember the origin of the material world and its consequences. As long as its influence prevails, it may be difficult to make His will my will. Strong is the hostile input. Excessive is the lure of free will.

Money is a medium of exchange. It has no material value today, but serves as a numerical intermediate means of exchange whenever direct exchange is not possible. It is a value equivalent as long as a safe place of storage can be found. Both the value of an individual exchange and the value of money as a currency are constantly renegotiated by consensus of those involved. Like language, it is a common good. Like water, it can flow or freeze, dissolve into thin air or collect underground to reemerge purified. Unlike water, the amount of money varies.

Money can serve love or selfish obsession with power. It enables the peaceful exchange of goods as well as the production of unworthy technologies and environmentally destructive substances. It favours the separation of production and consumption. We are called to love.


Jesus Christ, God and Lord, Father and Son, human like you and me. Born in a stable full of straw and dung, surrounded by domestic animals, bedded in a manger. Also this year, two thousand and twenty years later, humanity celebrates God’s birth as a man on earth, basking in the memory of his love in the dark season of northern regions. But does humanity draw near to him, seek his presence with all her heart? Does it abide by his order? Does it know and follow his voice? Does it love him? How many people even know what the birth of God as man is all about?

Not many, I dare say. The voice of the world is too tempting. Too dominant are thoughts, plans and goals that man can develop and realise himself — without Him at all. Yes, thanks to the freedom He has given us. Thanks to the means He provides.

How do personal responsibility and participation in his will go together? Only his presence offers security. Only in his presence are we safe. But what becomes of me in the process? The individual, unique creature, the human being that I am. Well, He created me. Why should He not also have a right to me, my will and my love. None of this would exist without him. Yet I still don’t fully understand.

The Christmas celebration. The room with the tree is still firmly locked. Everyone dresses up for the festivities. Bring on the flute and the xylophone. Reread carols texts. And then the door opens. The room is lluminated by candlelight and filled with the scent of the fir tree. So beautiful, the songs, the togetherness, the softly tinkling bells. And then it is time for the presents. Only years later it becomes clear. No, it wasn’t the presents. Not all the trappings, not even the songs. It is the togetherness and the love that make the event special. And its blessing.Why?


God born a man. Actually! Yes, and why should God not want to live with the people he created in his own image? Whose company and love he seeks. As a human being, without losing his divine attributes and functions. As a human being who does not need to elevate himself above others. Who shows the way to humility. In contrast to the destructive arrogance of the apostate whom he once created in love for himself. Who does not want to protect and preserve, but wants to destroy. And now, together with her followers, is fixed in multiform matter. Jesus, fully man, fully God, sole ruler of creation and the universe. Mighty, yes, and yet loving father, brother and friend to all who seek him.

Humility. What does it actually mean to be humble. To have the attitude of a servant, of a maid? Opposite of arrogance. Of low estate. Meek. To esteem others more highly than oneself. Devotion. Servitude out of self-committed love. Then I start thinking for myself and in the evening I read that one can have everything from God, but not humility. You have to bring that about yourself.

In the morning I finally find the term that best describes it for me: Servanthood. May be because one realises that participation in His will, the allowance to participate is nothing less than an unimaginably great gift. The people of on-call services come to mind. And — not having to wander hungry and lonely in the dark expanses of space until finally an angel sent by the Saviour comes along to tell you about Him and what He has done. Of the very message that every church steeple and every cross along the way beckons us here on earth. Telling the message we did not want to hear.

Age 71… ready to learn… and share… www.ourhouselaboulaye.com

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