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… in pursuit of all facts

This text originated at the end of 2020 as a series of blog posts, written in my native German language. It appears here as running text in preparation for another small book of the series MINUTES. As in the future book, the table of contents is marked with page numbers. This text was triggered by numerous interesting contributions on ARTE and Youtube, the authors and contributors of which act as if their present life is without end, and the hereafter only a fantasy. The author.


Frame… 1

Origins… 1

Can God be mistaken? … 2

How to get in touch? … 2

Christmas… 3

Why?… 4

Script… 4

Holy Scripture… 5

Love … 5

A new life … 6

A new dimension … 6

Actually begin … 7



The time has come. Participation in today’s public discussions makes no sense without the pursuit of all facts. After all, which conversation can do without common grounds? Without mentioned and even unnamed basic conditions?

For this planet these conditions are quickly stated. Everyone is born, everyone dies. A coming and going results, which suggests the existence of other spheres. Our globe — the Earth — which in fact most likely resembles the shape of a breathing plum, moves around the sun in one of countless solar systems. This points to gigantic activity in space, which man, as he is in the here and now, does not perceive. With good reason, because his life on earth is probation for eternal life. Summing up, it makes no sense to discuss individual and collective matters without aware-ness and mention of these basic conditions.

Covid-19, climate change and banking crisis are the consequence of human actions. Addiction to power, abuse and fraud are their motivation. So, how position oneself to avoid consequences of this misconduct? Wearing a mask, not hugging anyone, always washing your hands? Continue to live with plastics in food and objects of daily existence? Pretending nothing is the matter and continue to drive a car, buying goods of the world, wasting electricity and raw materials… and the list goes on. And pretending there is no creator, no laws that regulate his creation. No one, who regulates the stars and their orbits. No God who loves us humans, and seeks our love.


Today big bang and the resulting expansion of the universe are proven. They can be measured. The multiplication of creation is evident. Humans come and go. Will this multiplication come to an end? Yes, but it may be a long way off. God plans to reunite creation in himself and at some time — most likely in the far future — begin a new, possibly quite different one. However our present creation exists. And it is well ordered.

Economy. The dictionary calls it thrift. The sparing use of something. Rational use and rational application of something. Question, what is something? And how is rational defined? Economics, the science of dealing with limited raw materials? Economics, the rational use of limited means. Obviously there is an inherent contradiction in this definition. And neither quantity nor demand are defined. And, what is limited?

Chestnuts are on the ground. Time to pick them before animals will come and fill their storerooms. Hawthorn and medlar, rose hip and blackthorns ripen in the hedges. More than humans and birds combined could ever harvest. Last blackberries ripen in the brambles, fall to the ground and turn to compost. Countless medicinal herbs grow on the land. Dandelion and plantain, burdock and comfrey, lady’s mantle and goldenrod, mullein, and, and, and… Nettleand sorrel make for tasty leafy vegetables. Acorns and hazelnuts, laurel (leave and berries) plus walnuts provide nearly limitless resources. The cycle of growth and maturing, of harvest and self-composting is perfectly economical and flawless. Why not adhere to, cultivate and perfect it?


Can God make mistakes?

No, one would like to say. God does not make mistakes. He is perfect. However, there is a catch to this common view. Because, from where then comes evil? What is its origin? In fast motion: In the beginning, at the time of the Big Bang, God created his servants: The angels. But he longed for a counterpart. For a being at eye level. For exchange, conversation and personal love. He thus created a kindred being full of life, power and free will — his wife.

This magnificent being he positioned outside of himself. And with it creation took its course. We know the story. We experience it anew every day. The woman became haughty. She rose above him and creation. To stop the consequences of her selfishness, God clothed her in flesh. He bound her and her followers in fixed matter. Wave became atom. Energy became matter.

The material world took off. Glorious Santana became Satan, who to this day continues his evil pursuit. Only kept in check by the Lord himself and his heavenly hosts. The escape from Satan’s arrogance is our humility. The love, which the apostate denies him to this very today.

Progressive Internationals. No war. No stock markets. No capitalism. Active, responsible people. Full of creativity. Filled with love and reverence for the Creator. The prodigal son come true. Creation and universe are poetry and drama, opera and requiem, narrative and lyricism.

And yet, he calls us to practical love and corresponding sobriety.

Age 71… ready to learn… and share… www.ourhouselaboulaye.com

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