Info. Here and beyond…

Information. Here and from beyond.

Reading the Word of God, anno 2021, one is confronted with spiritual truth and real time fact. History itself gives credit to the stories of Moses, Elias and the prophets, to accounts of David and Solomon, the Arch of the Covenant, to John and Jesus Himself. Jewish people, their very existence, the city of Jerusalem, pyramids in Egypt, all validate them. Much less reason to trust the Word of God, if all these did not exist.

Add human arrival, short time habitation and soon enough departure from planet Earth. Add all that the planet consists of and supports. Add stars in the sky. And in real time, add images the Hubble telescope provides. Add the results of Rosalind Franklin’s work. Add Heisenberg’s “Unschärfe” theory, the alternation of matter and energy. Add recent scientific discovery (not necessarily how busy man makes use of them).

Swedish scientist and inventor Swedenborg, in the 1700s, was the first to report systematically of “the other side”. Even if man no longer possesses a faculty to perceive it. Unless of course, as with Swedenborg, the Lord gives permission and facilitates. Lorber, himself an avid Swedenborg reader, asked and was granted a volume of information fit to fill any interested wo/man’s reading list for life.

All this leaves but one question: Is true, what we read in Moses and the prophets, in the gospels, Swedenborg and Lorber? Of course it is true! One must only follow latest studies in astronomy and physics, chemistry and biology, algorithms and the Internet to recognise their findings in Lorber. Tangibly true, however, it is in the experience of new life within. In freedom from prevailing inputs of evil.

Isn’t it curious. When we fall in love, no question remains. How telling! Jesus is love. He so desires our love and loyalty.To gather his wayward wandering kids.

#1: If… when… so… and…

If — on your request— He comes to your heart

And your will — by His demand — lives in His will

Heavens open.

When — with your consent— He lives in your heart

He by His Holy Spirit — will enable you

To do His will.

So — when without delay — you heed and act on

His small voice inside you, His power will be

Your strength.

And — His love will engulf you !

Call Him, He loves to be called !

Don’t tarry.

#2 : Humility… not pride…

The First Created fell.

Seeing his beauty and power

Compliance ceased, hauteur rose and pride

Grabbed his heart.

He fell, a host of his in train.

God’s love recognised

What then happened.

He embraced humility…

Not pride.

And fastened evil in matter.

Embrace humility !

Abandon pride…

Seek His love and

Join His compassion

For those who fell.

#3: All born on Earth inherit fallen nature…

None is free of sin

All have fallen.

All have a spark of Him

May seek and find Him!

All on Earth are called to be His children.

#4 Does anything surpass the suffering…

Of rejected love?

What if He had chosen pride?

Is the Most High not permitted to be proud?

May He not rightfully go to war and defeat His enemy?

He’d abandon love...

#5 And no longer be…

Anger, wrath, power and the law

Alone would remain.

Age 71… ready to learn… and share…

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