… just a test

Checking the option of integrating links in a story… here we go… de.ourhouselaboulaye.com/blog. Okay, works via copy and paste…!

By the same token I discover how to edit a published text… hope it works, because invariably I find a million typos in published text… no matter how hard I have looked at them…

Fortunately, in my blog today two Englisch posts are on top. Other posts are in my mother tongue. Some in French (hope DeepL.com did a good job). Question. Does medium.com also publish foreign language text?

Fact of the matter is this. About all relevant text today is published in but one language, English. Scandinavians are lucky. They are bi-lingual. So are people of India. But what about citizens of the EU. Southamericans, Russians, Chinese, the Far East, Africa? Do they miss out on modern knowledge and exchange? How and with whom do they communicate? Just wondering.

Still quarrelling with the comment function. I now can post “write a story” comments. But I can’t just leave a comment… like love what you have written. Can I do both?

Any information is appreciated!

Love, Christine

Age 71… ready to learn… and share… www.ourhouselaboulaye.com

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