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Who created all this…? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZfUJuSmBAs …and gave man the power and know-how to follow up on it… in his some 80 years on planet Earth…?

And a follow up link… with the question, how useful are tires after all…?https://archive.bio.org/articles/current-uses-synthetic-biology

On my way home, I decide not to walk across the land, but return to Our House on the asphalt road. The sun has set, shrouding land and sky in an almost magical hue of pink. Dark, unfoliaged trees like lace line the meadows.

The land is quiet. Only occasionally do I notice a light in the distance, accompanied by a soft murmur. It comes closer, the murmur increases to a mind deafening tornado. A vehicle passes me as I see red taillights rapidly receding.

Oh no, I think, what an absurdity! The animals who live on the land have learned to deal with it. Unwittingly they consume dust particles created by the abrasion of petroleum-made rubber tires on asphalt roads, which invisibly distribute and cover everything. Also the grass, leaves, fruit and whatever else they feed on.

Individual traffic shames not only me tonight, and the animals on the land. Is it not time to think about alternatives? All the more alarming is the discovery (see second links) that economic forces have nothing better to do than to hijack the latest discoveries from the world of smallest particles for their inconsiderate goals.

Is it still not clear that traffic volumes must be reduced, individual transport replaced by public transport and new models be developed? Without abrasion, without traffic deaths and injuries, without air pollution, without the waste of raw materials.

Nothing seems to speak against the exploration of creation and its wonders. Nothing against recognising its genius. And using it for people and environment friendly purposes. To be rejected, however, is the use of new technologies to aggravate already existing environmental damage. And this in the name of capitalism and industry.

What good will a new tire do, made of rubber, which is produced from maize, sugar cane or wood with the help of nanotechnology-modified microbes? Will it reduce traffic, protect from road accidents, help the transition of individual transport to communal traffic. Would it not be better, for example, to use drones for a reduced transport of goods and people. And alleviate the surface of the world.

Quote from the video (first link):

“Biology (=everything that lives) is self-assembling nano-technology with a built-in programming language.”

Just wondering, who created this language…?

Age 71… ready to learn… and share… www.ourhouselaboulaye.com

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