… what is it?

… simply a rule… or (as in physics) an invariable phenomenon…? Any enforced, i.e. binding practice or conduct… human agreements meant to redress wrong… And/or do we speak of God’s will as law?

Only these points have I picked from a rather long, rather confusing list, which Miriam-Webster offers here

  • Is God’s will our law? Yes, but it comes with a pardon.
  • Do human laws redress wrong doing? Yes, as long as there is a functioning legal system, which aims at reeducation and reintegration.
  • Reenforcement is one aspect of law.
  • Invariable phenomenon, such as the sciences uncover at ever increasing speed, what are they…?

…but constituencies of creation. So why call them laws? Glad they exist, even if not forever trustworthy and dependable…

And what about the long list of so-called laws, such as for instance the law of Moore and the law of Wright, recently juxtaposed here on Medium.They do not fit any category, because they in fact are not laws, but the conclusion of some who fail to follow up on the full picture. “The cost of production goes down…” Such a sentence is meaningless without reference to what in fact constitutes a given cost. The true cost of airplanes, vehicles on the ground and ships in the water we only know now…

Meanwhile further trust in such silly statements (and there are many…) may soon make the planet inhabitable. Deeply distressed I am with the world and its goals, with what we leave the children that flow from us… information, thinking and trust in Him are called for…



Age 71… ready to learn… and share…

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