Must see videos…

… featuring remaining earliest cultures !

Anyone who reads Jakob Lorber will there find the information, that Africa was populated by Cain and his descendants. In contrast, the descendants of Cain’s eldest son Henoch populated East Asia, Southern Asia, Australia and the Americas. Noah, a descendant of Seth, (who replaced Abel) and his decendants eventually populated Europe and the abouts of what now is the Mediteranian. A great flood destroyed Cental Asia, the Near-East, parts of what now is Europe and Northern Africa. Hence the idea mankind’s original home-land was Africa. Remains of Hanoch’s cruel city state, however, may still be unearthed and be raised from the Caspian sea. So, in these videos, we see just how earliest African cultures on planet Earth spent their happy days. We see their amazing skills and liveliness. Their children are just like ours today.

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