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While dictations for The Household of God were ongoing, the Lord revealed to Lorber in July 1840 a poem, entitled The Angel. This time Lorber himself apparently penned down the words he heard the Lord speak to his heart.


Leitner, one of the scribes, not only took offence at Lorber’s orthographical errors, but questioned the poem’s very form. The Lord commented these “corrections” here…


In The Household of God, Volume 1, Chapter 34 he once more turns to the subject of text editing. It is another indication of how very human He is, as a man. Once more giving proof of His patience and sublime humility.

As for participation: You will notice that both links, the poem and the commentary, are posted in the German original. Several thorough web searches did not render an English translation. Hence: 1. If anyone has translated this beautiful poem, can you make it available to us here? 2. If anyone has it in his heart to translate the poem please go ahead. More so, if in command of an English style that would match the 19th Century Bohemian original. Looking forward to hear from you…

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