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Rocker/3 made after tests 1 and 2 of plywood, seat upholstered…

The outlook of sitting on a still stool or chair seemed too far removed from the ever moving experience of a soft saddle, made of felt and leather, on the back of a boisterous horse… Well, all things will end and give way to new things: For me this rocking chair… made from local plywood… turns on the spot… rocks fore and back… without risk of tipping or tilting… The seat resting freely on the base… reminding the rider to maintain balance, posture and position… prompting to sit and move….A chair I adore… :-)

On another score… found this illustration of the DNA editing tool CRISP. Would anyone mind explaining in plain English how exactly it works… Kind of like step 1…2…3… and so on! Okay… saw this… which of, course does not answer and address the deeper question… why modify genes and not go for planetary clean-up and the life after death question…?

A small follow-up quote “…The drug development process is tightly regulated across the world…” states one who seems to know. And a follow-up question. If — what is stated — is true, how come the planet is poisoned…? Where do all these toxins come from… if not from those tightly regulated labs and legal processes…? So, what in fact is he saying…? Is he speaking the truth?

Commerical tools to use for successful CRISPR gene editing, and a look into its future… Question… who created all this (cells, DNA, bacteria, viruses — all they consist of and do)…? Who controls and directs it such that man, given free will, can use and benefit… but also mess up…


1. Oh, you children of Adam, why would you not rather become My children? How much effort and hard work it costs you to obtain the bread of Adam which drips from the sweat of your hands and is soiled by the drivel of serpents and soaked by the poison of adders and through which you in your immoderation eat yourselves into temporal and then also eternal death!

2. And My bread … spread with the honey of My love and soaked in the milk of the forever free life out of Me, and which you could eat with greatest enjoyment and it would never harm you, but instead strengthen and endow you with all the might and power out of Me for all eternity and already now, temporally, if you would only accept it… (it you do not want…).

… from The Household of God, Volume 1, Chapter#12


Love the Love. Fear the Deity that slays, — lest you be slain. The love within you is holy; so respect each other just as the Love within the Deity respects you and is pleased with you. Everyone belongs to himself and to the Love of God. Therefore, let no one be prey to another. Let no one ever hide his face from the other to prevent the other from knowing what love is like, — and that you may be like the Love which called you into existence. Let your innermost be like your outermost so that no wrong emotion may arise within you and make you perish. Your outermost shall be the true reflection of your inner mirror in which the Love of the Deity gazes upon Himself; otherwise the inner mirror will break to pieces…

… from The Household of God, Volume 1, Chapter#1

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